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The outdated PR textbook

A week ago was the first time in two years I really cleaned my closet. It was  time for me to throw out college papers and empty boxes. One thing I found on the bottom of my closet was one of my old PR textbooks from college, Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice.

I started reading […]

Media relations: Be a Resource

I’ve been thinking about media relations a lot lately.
Looking around the blogosphere I stumbled on Flack Rabbit. The blog post discussed media relations. The post said attitude and approach are key factors in media relations. If you are arrogant towards a reporter, you may be exposed all over the internet. 
Next I came across David Mulllen’s blog […]

Tips for busy media relations days

I have experienced both busy and slow periods while dealing with the media. Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday brought the busiest three days I have ever experienced in regards to receiving calls and e-mails from media outlets.
To name a few (in no specific order) CNN, Fox Business Network, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Arizona Republic, Phoenix […]

Once again: The Power of Twitter

Twitter wins again. As you know US Airways flight 1549 from LGA to CLT made an emergency landing in the Hudson River this afternoon. Within minutes of the landing the Twitterverse knew. Twitter users found out before, and Wall Street Journal e-mail alerts told me.
Kudos to Twitter.

Even more kudos goes to Janis Krums  who […]

Does bad PR off the field transfer to bad play on the field?

It feels like every week a different athlete is in the news receiving a DUI. This week the public found out about the alleged DUI’s of Phoenix Suns Jason Richardson, San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson and former NBA pro Antoine Walker. The public also found out more details of former commentator Charles Barkely’s DUI.
Is it just me […]

I’ll have some PR chatter – make that a cup of media relations

There has been a lot of chatter lately on Twitter about PR advice and the future of PR. Twitter is great because it allows PR pro’s to learn about the latest industry trends and connect with others. People keep learning and sharing, but PR pros’s continuously are in the social limelight for negative tactics they use. […]

A PR name you should know – Mark Regev

The conflict in the Gaza strip will not be ending anytime soon. With that being said, Mark Regev, the spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister will be cited in many articles over the next few months. Regev is a career public affairs spokesperson for Israel, previously stationed in Israel’s Beijing and Washington D.C. embassy’s. The Israeli […]

The week print journalism continued to die…

In the PR and journalism world, this past week will forever be known as the week that Gannett announced around 2,000 layoffs. Employees of the company were just getting over owners cutting 1,000 jobs a few months earlier when this blow came.  Ten percent of staff at Gannett’s 85 local U.S. publications lost jobs. 
Where will all these […]

Is a vacation really a vacation when you’re a PR Pro?

Whether you stayed at home or traveled for Thanksgiving, chances are you had two days off to celebrate the holiday with loved ones. If you’re like me, you also checked your e-mail about 3.5 times per day while off. 
In 2005, AOL released a study saying people check their e-mail five times per day. Obviously this […]

Why do you practice PR?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and have decided to put my thoughts on the net after recent one sided conversations with fellow practitioners and reading good blog posts such as David Mullen’s post “Are you contagious”  and Valley PR Blog’s post “Going into PR? Give it serious thought…puh-leeze.”
Why do I practice PR? No – […]