Five Creative Ways Real-Time Opinion from Twitter is Being Shared

People love to rant and rave on Twitter. Brands and organizations love to engage with current and potential influencers. The combination is perfect. It allows Twitter to be used in increasingly creative ways and tweets to be shared in the most unexpected places. The following are five creative ways real-time opinion from Twitter is being shared:

1) Retail Stores – Last week I was at a Las Vegas mall when I passed Metropark, a men’s and women’s store that had a live in-store Tweet stream running on multiple television screens in the store as well as in the front window. It was very interesting to see as a consumer that I could walk by the store and read what people were discussing about @MetroparkUSA in real time.

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One Response to “Five Creative Ways Real-Time Opinion from Twitter is Being Shared”

  1. Communications Forum - February 10th, 2011

    Twitter if good for B2C businesses and celebrities. It pretty much sucks for everyone else.


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