5 correlations between a digital strategist and a game show contestant

In late 2010 I was a contestant on “Let’s Make a Deal.” It was one of the most popular television game shows of the 1960’s and 1970’s and now it’s making a comeback. I was on vacation in Las Vegas when I attended a taping that I will remember forever. It wasn’t until recent that I realized all the correlations between being a digital strategist and a game show contestant. Here are five ways being a digital strategist helped me win big:

1. Make a plan. I’ve always been fascinated by game shows, and why some people seem to be more successful than others. I watched tapings to try to analyze the different games. If only I was as smart as Michael Larson who won $110,237on a game show in 1984. The digital world consists of planning and strategizing for brands as well. Brands need to listen to the conversations about themselves before participating. Both game show contestants and brands can not afford to skip the planning stage.

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