Teens sprung by Formspring.me

Formspring.meAsk your friends anything and remain completely anonymous. Asking questions isn’t a new concept, but Formspring.me (launched in Nov. 2009) has taken this concept and placed it online.

And it’s a hit, especially among teens.

Twenty-five percent of the sites visitors are under the age of 18. The site has averaged over 1 million teen visitors for the past two months (according to Nielson). More specifically twice as many teenage girls than boys are using the site.

Why the teenage obsession?

Social skills are developed at different stages for everyone, but the bottom line is interpersonal skills are not required to sit behind a computer and ask goofy or serious questions.

Want to ask me a question? E-mail or Tweet me – but if you really want to, you can ask me a question on Formspring.

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