Six tips for the job relocation seeker

Being employed and looking to relocate can be a challenge. As many of you know I relocated to Chicago last month. Here are six tips from my personal experiences that can help you land a new position in another city while still being employed.

1)      Have a Plan – It’s important to have a plan. What do you want to do and how do you plan on getting a new position? Research salary averages and best places to live.

2)      Network, Network, Network – This should be an obvious. Reach out to leadership of local industry organizations in your new city. Tell them the type of position you seek and inquire about who are the best people to talk to. End all e-mails/phone calls thanking the other person for their time. Don’t forget to let them know you appreciate their confidentiality because of your position.

2b.)   Online Networking – Use Twitter & LinkedIn to find connections at your new city as well as companies you would like to be employed at.

3)      Informational Interviews – Once you’ve made those connections, fly to your destination to meet potential employers or mentors in person. Chances are you already have trips planned to your future relocation city for another reason. Use this time wisely.

4)      Paid Time Off – Save up your vacation/sick days. You never know when you will need to take a long weekend or a turnaround flight to meet for an interview.

5)      Timing – If you know you’re going to relocate in August; don’t wait until July to start looking for a job. It could take you two weeks to find a new position or it could take nine months. You never know. Start looking for a new position as soon as you’re certain relocation is a necessity.

6)      Expenses – You might not like to hear this, but offer to relocate at your own expense. This will help a potential employer make the decision easier if it comes down to you and a local candidate.

If you have any detailed questions or want to discuss a relocation strategy, feel free to contact me at

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