Companies pay you to talk and tweet about them

Attention companies: Kim Kardashian will tweet about your product for a mere $10,000 (per tweet).

Attention companies: If you provide excellent customer service and I enjoy using your product, I’ll do it for free!

I’ve never used Web sites such as or, but it’s more and more evident that others do. I think it’s great that ordinary people and celebrities get paid to endorse products in the online world, but I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to do that. It’s great because it’s an easy way for people to make money, but it’s completely wrong because your tweets/blog posts lack authenticity.

Who are you if you don’t have your own voice? Who are you once people find out your receiving money for your tweets/posts? Do you then become less credible?

I hope everyone who uses these services discloses to their readers/followers that they are reading paid content.

Editor’s Update: In an effort to see what everyone is talking about, I just signed up for If I am chosen to tweet about products (which I doubt I will be), I will fully disclose this AND I plan to do a full blog series on how it changes my Twitter relationships.

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  2. Andrea - May 6th, 2010

    Celebrities and Twitter go together these days like peanut butter and jelly. And with people curious as to what celebs have to say about anything and everything, whatever the celebrities tweet about is going to be viewed by millions. This is a perfect way for companies to reach millions of people in a split second. This may be better than commercials.

    But is it ethical?

    I agree that the idea of paying a celebrity to tweet about your product is a simple way for people to make money, or to even get attention to any product. That’s a fact. However, like you said, the tweets will lack “authenticity”. People like Kim Kardashian who will tweet about a product for a certain amount of money will no doubt increase your sales, but is it ethical to leave the public with the idea that the tweet was purely the celebrity’s thoughts, not a paid advertisement?

    Like you said, it is very important that whomever uses these services makes it clear to the audience that they are reading paid content. In my opinion, if they are aware that it is paid advertisement, then it is undoubtedly alright. I feel in that instance, you wouldn’t be cheating the public into thinking that you had used the product and voluntarily promoted it on your own.


  3. pay with a tweet - May 30th, 2011

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