Social media for your special occasion

Photographer – Check
DJ – Check
Videographer- Check
Social Media Consultant –

It’s no secret that if companies don’t have social media presence already, they have severely fallen behind. It’s also not a secret that individuals use the social media site Twitter to express their thoughts on everything, from everywhere (such as the bathroom, the park and work).

I seem to see a lot of live tweets from special events such as weddings. I recently read an article about a groom posting a just married tweet before kissing his bride. With twitter now main stream, how long will it be before we see individuals offer their services as a professional tweeter for special occasions? You already hire a photographer and a videographer partly because Aunt Robin and Uncle Joe can’t make it. Why not hire a professional tweeter who is responsible for live tweeting throughout the occasion?

There is nothing stopping consultants from charging for a strategy and day of execution. I bet a hash tag on Twitter to follow along and a video of the first kiss almost instantly as it happens would be part of the consultants plan.

Would you hire a social media consultant for your special occasion?

*photo from: The All Tweet Journal

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  1. Becky Loya - December 9th, 2009


    It definetly is possible, but I think pros should be tweeting about PR & press parties, events, etc. If we start tweeting about weddings, what is left to be personal!



  2. Yvette - December 9th, 2009

    Yes! A social media consultant is vital nowadays, particularly when organizing professional get-togethers/events/parties. From experience, I know firsthand that social media played a huge role in transforming a networking party of 20 to a bigger networking party of 120, with more opportunities and smart and intersting people to add to everyone’s networking roster. I am organizing another networking/fundraising event strictly using social media to promote it and the guest list keeps getting longer as the event date gets closer, definitely a plus for the non-profit organization the event is benefitting.

    A social media consultant should be adept at engaging new people into joining a new circle, should have the personality of a cheerleader to encourage people to attend events,should have creativity to keep people’s interests alive, and should always have a favorable presence in social networks.


    BrianCamen Reply:


    I agree with you that social media consultants are good to have, but when will these consultants be cleaver enough to start charging for personal events. In the future, people will start hiring SM consultants for weddings. An SM consultant can take care of online responses, Web page for the wedding and day of facebook/tweeting.


    Nothing is personal on social media. Everything is public. Unfortunately some people don’t realize that until after they post something they shouldn’t have.



  3. Matthew Dutile - December 9th, 2009

    I like the idea of a SM consultant to help a couple build a web page before the wedding, post photos after and coordinate responses/invitations – but I just see this as an updated role of the existing wedding planner.

    As to live tweeting during the wedding. No. Hell, no. Pick up the phone and call those who couldn’t make it afterward. Share photos with them on your Web and talk to them on the phone about it. I’m just not a fan of this idea at all.


    BrianCamen Reply:

    In the world of social media, anything can happen. I’m not saying that I would hire one (I wouldn’t) but in time we may see them pop up.


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