The Office tackles crisis communication

Communication professionals should watch the 2007 episode of The Office “Product Recall.” The episode shows Dunder-Mifflin (the company featured on the television show) in crisis communication mode.

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I saw the episode for the first time last night. In the episode, an inappropriate watermark is printed on a paper product that was shipped to Dunder-Mifflin clients.

Michael Scott holds up the watermarked paper

Michael Scott (the boss) decides it is best to hold a press conference and confront this crisis head on. He hands a giant check to one of his clients, who doesn’t accept it and wants to take her business elsewhere. Scott kicks the client out and she tells him he needs to resign. The single member of the media that attends the press conference doesn’t get the story Scott is trying to tell. Everything gets worse when Scott makes a video stating that he has no plans on leaving the company.

What can we learn from this episode? Be prepared for a crisis. You don’t know when it’s going to occur and you need to react fast and in the correct way. Always have a plan or you might wind up making the wrong move like Scott did.

The episode was really funny. Read a more detailed review of the episode from another communicator on Copywrite, Inc.

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