Can you handle being a No. 1 seed?

There are no tips for success or shortcuts in this post. The objective of this post is to make you think

It’s March madness time. Not just on the court, but at your job. You are half way between your mid-year and your annual review. It’s time to ask yourself, how have you preformed?  Are you happy with your contributions to your employer? The better question, is your employer happy with your contributions?

Are you continuously learning at your position? I hope so. If not, you should move on (advice I heard Penelope Trunk  give at the PRSA International Convention).

Are you prepared for crunch time? Do you know what to do when a client calls with an emergency and you have 10 other fires to put out with other clients?

Can you handle being the No. 1 seed at your company?

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  1. Gry Hazardowe Poker - April 30th, 2011

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