Kudos given when it’s due

Everyday in PR you have the ability to learn and study other people’s best and worst practices. Why?  b/c our results are usually in the media. On October 22, I noticed two PR tactics that stood out to me.

First, did anyone happen to catch the JetBlue’s blogging crew at the new T5 in JFK? I know I’ve been a little harsh on JetBlue in the past, but they really kicked butt. They spent the entire day in their new terminal blogging about the terminal, its shops, noteworthy passengers and random odds and ends. If you’re a follower of their blog, it really made you feel well prepared to travel through their new terminal. Too bad when I flew Jetblue to JFK last week, I didn’t get to experience T5. 

Kudos to JetBlue for socially being with it. 

Next, there were two incidents at Western Kentucky University that caused national media attention. I was trying to follow the incidents live, but could not due to my workload. Initial reports were of shots being fired. Police have found no evidence of weapons being used in either incident. Yet here is a live video of four men getting arrested who were believed to be involved in the altercations.

The school immediately locked down the campus. Students were notified via text messages and other ways. WKU almost immediately blanked their main page of their Web site and put a statement on it for the press, which was updated throughout the day. WKU also updated their blog and created a media hot line. I’m sure they were flooded with calls. Kudos to them for quick actions in the time of a possible crisis. I’m wondering how stressful yesterday was for their communications team.

I’ve shared some of my recent PR kudos, what are some of yours?

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