Palin’s PR uprising

Kudos to Marcia Brier who made national headlines in the Washington Post this past week as being the person responsible for Sarah Palin’s rise in the spotlight as a Governor. Brier, who is based in Massachusetts was hired under a $31,000 contract by Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources to promote Palin’s work with the oil industry. Once Palin became the vice presidential nominee, Brier’s work was no longer needed.

According to the article, pitches sent to The Post in mid-May were titled “Big Oil Under Siege” and “Alaska’s Love-Hate Relationship With Big Oil.” Each offered an interview with Palin.

The article did say Brier was hired in Oct. 2007, but her PR efforts did not land big hits until this year when Palin announced that TransCanada was the only firm to meet the bidding requirements for the pipeline.

As a young PR pro, this story reiterates to me that if you have a good story or newsworthy item, keep pitching, don’t give up and if you are doing freelance work, give each of your clients your full representation – you never know how successfull you, the pitch, or the client may be some day. Who knows, you could be like Brier and make national headlines. 

I’m fully expecting PR News or PR Week to do a profile on here in the coming months…

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