Win FREE PR or a PAID PR internship

Attention companies and students:

Award winning agency MWW Group is giving away 3 months of PR services worth $30,000 to an organization and a three-month, $5,000 internship at any of their offices to an individual.

Did a light bulb just go on in your head?

Good. It should have. Here is what you have to do:

Provide a 100 word written or spoken (via video) description of a positive change that you hope will happen during Obama’s first 100 days in office. It’s based on the idea that ever since FDR’s administration, every President has been measured by their accomplishments during their first 100 days. Submissions are sent in online.

This is a contest you need to enter. One hundred words spoken or written can land you an internship or your organization free PR.

Go enter this to better your PR efforts. Kudos to MWW for coming up with this contest and kudos to Allison Blass, MWW’s Digital Media Coordinator for letting me know about it.

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