The best area code a PR pro can see on caller ID

It doesn’t take a seasoned PR practitioner to know when a journalist is calling. Perhaps your CEO did something he wasn’t supposed to or your company just made a big announcement. Regardless, you know who covers your beat. Hopefully you know your regular reporters, but you might not. Best case is your employer provides thought leadership for national and international media on a regular basis.

At my place of employment, I only have the privilege of seeing the phone number of the person who is calling, not the name of the person or company. It’s half a guessing game for me. It’s not bad, I know if I see 602-444-XXXX, it’s the Republic, as I’m sure you have your key target publications numbers in your head.

The best area code a PR practitioner can see on his or her caller ID, is there really such a thing? I’ve got to go with the 404, the greater Atlanta area. Why? You know why, you don’t need me to answer…that’s where CNN and CNNI are located. If you’re receiving calls from them, then you know you’re doing something right.

On the other side of that, like all outlets – they work quickly, a busy signal from your end might mean a missed opportunity on CNN international….

*clearly this post is not intended for PR practitioners in the ATL who see the 404 all the time.

2 Responses to “The best area code a PR pro can see on caller ID”

  1. davidmullen - September 19th, 2008

    I always got excited when I saw a 212 area code on caller ID because that’s where so many major media outlets are anchored. Consumer magazines, the morning shows, NY Times, WSJ, etc.

    What I used to do was keep a one-sheet listing of all U.S. area codes in numerical order and their respective markets on the wall next to my desk. When a number popped up that I didn’t recognize, I’d quickly scan to see where the call was coming from. I always liked having a little more sense about the call before I answered, even if I still didn’t know who was on the other end before picking up.

    I ditched the area code listing a long time ago, but it was a fun little thing to have handy for the first couple years.


  2. arizonabrian - September 19th, 2008

    David – I considered the 212. I really did. If the 212 calls it’s usually BusinessWeek, Financial Times NY or WSJ. I am always happy to see that area code since I grew up right outside of NYC. I think the 404 and the 212 do the same for me, but since I hardly see the 404, it’s extra special haha


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