Man’s best friend

Here’s a remarkable story that I read about in the Arizona Republic. Buddy, an 18 month old German Shepherd, saved his owners life by dialing 911. Buddy’s owner, who resides in Scottsdale, has seizures. He trained his dog to retrieve the phone and use his teeth to press a programmed button for 911 when seizure systems were present.

Buddy came to the rescue. Police arrived at the house 2 minutes later. This was the third or fourth time the dog was called 911 and saved his owners life. This dog is a hero. He should be the “spokespearson” for PetSmart or Purina One or something like that.

This is one special dog.

To listen to the audio of Buddy calling 911, go to

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  1. Katarina K. - September 17th, 2008

    Ah – German Shepherds. I always knew they were the best dogs out there…although I may be a bit bias considering I have one.

    But, seriously, I saw a documentary once on KAET about a German Shepherd who was trained to sense when his 10-year-old diabetic owner was about to have a crash. The kid’s blood sugar level would oftentimes crash in the middle of the night while sleeping and he would go into severe seizures. His GS, Daisy, was able to sense the low levels minutes before and wake the parents up so that they could give the kid insulin shots. Pretty amazing.


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