JetBlue flight diverted, passengers questioned by FBI for 2 hours

This past Saturday, JetBlue flight 455 from Boston for Ft. Lauderdale was diverted to North Carolina. Passengers were questioned by the FBI for two hours. Why? It seems like there was a circus on board. One passenger was smoking in the bathroom (as you know – that is a big NO NO). But that’s not why there was an emergency landing. They had to divert because there was a fight on board, between brothers. One hit another in the face. According to a JetBlue spokesperson, he was bleeding.  The most important thing is passenger safety, so they landed to remove the passengers involved.

If I was one of those passengers on that plane, I would be pissed. They were grounded for two hours so each person could be questioned by the FBI. JetBlue created the Passenger Bill of Rights, which was a great save to their first PR blender (9 planes sitting on JFK’s tarmac for 6 hours in bad weather). The Bill of Rights doesn’t say anything about if passengers are delayed while in the air, only on ground. 

How does JetBlue’s PR team (which is prob. outsourced to an agency) react? I would give vouchers to passengers, but I would make sure my spokesperson promoted that JetBlue took the necessary actions to protect one’s safety as well as promote the fact passengers were compensate for unforeseeable circumstances.

Did I mention the plane’s takeoff was delayed two hours from Boston as well?

I smell a made for TV movie coming.

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