The Chronicles of Sarah Palin

It didn’t even take a week for the first Vice Presidential nominee from the state of Alaska to become the most talked about female on the internet. In the same day, America found out that Sarah Palin’s daughter is five month’s pregnant and her husband once received a DUI. I’m wondering how the Republicans PR team is handling this. Did they push it all out there at once to get all the surprises out of the way or was it leaked, possibly by the father of the unborn child or a friend of the 17-year old. Irregardless, let’s hope that this is it, all coming out at once for Ms. Palin. 

Palin is the talk of the Internet. I’ve read all the headlines today, “Knocked up 2: The Sarah Palin adventures,” “She’s not going to be known as the V.P., she’s going to be called First Grandmother,” and “can McCain dump Palin?”

Think this issue is going to go away? I don’t. It seems that the daughter is due in January, around the time that new Pres. and V.P. will be sworn in.

The truth is, I’ve known Palin for almost a week now and I know more about her personal life than I do about Obama’s and McCain’s. Personally, what happened really can’t be undone (at this point), so let’s move on – the daughter will never be as successful as her mother is.   

As for her media team – prepared statements must be sticked to. No one on the team should reveal anything about the pregnancy that doesn’t need to be revealed. Turn ever negative into a positive – talk about how you want a nice healthy baby to care for and love and that’s it!

O and it doesn’t help that the father of the unborn child is braging that he is a redneck on his Myspace page. 

Good luck Sarah Palin.

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