A PR name you should know – Mark Regev

Israel Spokesperson Mark Regev

The conflict in the Gaza strip will not be ending anytime soon. With that being said, Mark Regev, the spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister will be cited in many articles over the next few months. Regev is a career public affairs spokesperson for Israel, previously stationed in Israel’s Beijing and Washington D.C. embassy’s. The Israeli spokesperson may become one of the most well known public affairs officials in the Middle East and the entire world after this conflict is over.

The trust and backing for Regev has been made public by high ranking Israeli officials including his Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert said the following about Regev in an article from 2007:

“Mark Regev may be able to do what no other public relations or Israel Pr person has done before him. Knowing the people, the diplomats and how the Israel Foreign Ministry works, to become an effective bridge between the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Ministers Office. Mark’s unique and professional background can translate his new position into one which unifies both governmental offices delivering one rather than several different messages during times of crisis.”

Incase you haven’t heard Regev in an interview, here is a You Tube video of him from November.

Regev will be a name you will know in 2009.

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  1. hannah - March 3rd, 2010

    no such spokesman could ever be a successful practitioner unless and until, palestine is set liberated by the cruel israel dominance!


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