The power of Twitter

For a while now people were continuously asking who I thought would be Obama’s VP. I honestly didn’t have an educated guess. But when people ask me who I think McCain’s VP is, I say either Bobby Jindal or Joe Lieberman. Ya know, just to maximize the diversity in an already diverse election.

So here’s where Twitter comes into play for me. I follow this guy Jim Long (@newmediajim). I don’t know what his official position is, but It seems he’s a camera man for NBC. Anyway, he was twittering about being posted outside of Joe Biden’s house at least 5 days prior to the VP announcement. This automatically led me to think Joe was going to be the VP!  NBC was right, and so was I. Thanks Jim.

The power of twitter is amazing. Finding out breaking news, before and as it happens. Try out Twitter if you’re not on it. Find and follow people in your profession. Both people at your level that you can relate with and also senior level people that you can learn from.

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