Calling all PR pros and students: Mentorship Connection

Whether you’re a student or practitioner in the public relations/communications industry, you should sign up for Mentorship Connection. Mentorship Connection gives you the opportunity to find a mentor or be a mentor. You fill out a form with basic questions and they will match you up with someone by your answers. Mentorship participants should be willing to commit to checking in or meeting in person at least once a month. Clearly it’s not hard to take the time to write an e-mail to someone at least once a month.

I just signed up, but have not been paired up with a student yet. Normally you wait until you use the product to write a review, but I couldn’t resist posting about this new opportunity for PR practitioners and students.

Why? Because I’m a BIG believer in mentors. My mentors have helped guide me to where I am today, and I know I will always have them throughout my career.

Every student should have a mentor and every PR practitioner should want to invest in the future of our industry. Sign up for Mentorship Connection. Find out more information by reading a blog post by founder, Allie Osmar.

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