Destination DC key communicator for inauguration

Destination DC, formerly known as the Washington DC Convention & Tourism Corporation is trying to position itself as a central source of inauguration-related information for the media, travel professionals, and the public. After reading an article in PR Week, I learned that their entire PR efforts in the United States will be in-house. They’re going all natural and sticking with their communicators. I love hearing this. You don’t need to hire an outside firm to have good PR. Before agency communicators jump all over that comment, I will say agencies practice great PR as well. 

Destination DC is broadcasting daily updates on Twitter. If you are attending the inauguration or are even just curious, I recommend following them. The group will provide insight on everything to do with the inauguration, from where to park to where the inauguration balls will be held.

Good luck to the Destination DC communications group. Let’s see if their efforts will go down as best practices in tourism PR.

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