The journalists are coming!

Journalists commonly refer to the PR sector as “The Dark Side.” The newspapers they are working for are shrinking and it’s not a secret (circulation, budgets, and staff size). People prefer quick hits on the Internet over long print publication stories.

Frank Washkuch of PR Week cites journalists turn into PR flacks because of the better pay, steadier hours, and a more attractive career path.

Locally, Chris Cassacchia of the Phoenix Business Journal wrote an article a few months back outlining reporters moves from the Republic and East Valley Tribune. It’s funny though, he chose not to mention any of his former coworkers who have left the business to turn into flacks.

It’s great for a corporate company to hire a former journalist turned PR pro because the new PR pro knows exactly what a journalist wants to hear.

In reality, with more journalists switching over to PR this means more competition for the mid level positions in our industry.

By the way, three of my colleagues are former journalists…

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  1. Rodger D. Johnson - July 28th, 2008

    First, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. And, secondly, I’m a former journalist who turned to “The Dark Side.” I think that’s a mis conception of our profession. But I can guess why people might think we’ve fallen to “The Dark Side.” PR counselors, those worth much, are really applied social scientists. We know persuasion and social psychology, which used right can influence the masses.

    While I’ve been a journalist and a PR counselor, I’ve never understood why we are sometimes classed “flacks.” Spin Doctors, that’s a no brainer, but flacks?

    Regardless of where we come from, journalists that turn to PR and quite a treasure to have. For their clients, and, quite frankly, for the media too.


  2. arizonabrian - July 28th, 2008


    Thanks for your comments. I agree journlists turned PR pro(like yourself) are a major asset for clients and for the media.

    I really don’t know what the protocal is, if one should respond to someone’s comments on their own blog, but I don’t see why not.

    I’m curious to know why we’re classified as flacks as well. It’s something that was told to me ever since I started interning and obviously now in the real world. So it has stuck. I’d like to know the history behind it, if there really is one?


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