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An introduction to higher education PR

I work in higher education PR. I don’t go to grad school for PR as some of my friends think I do.
I have been working in higher education PR for two years and I still get questions from outsiders about what I do. Since some people don’t understand, I thought I would provide an overview […]

People actually read my tweets

In the past several months I attended a few networking events from the Public Relations Society of America. I enjoy talking about PR and networking, so why not do both at the same time? At each of the events I attended, I met familiar faces that follow me on Twitter.
Those familiar faces asked me questions […]

PR pros mess up, President jokes as a result

I wrote about it before. In my opinion, not giving President Obama an honorary degree was a blunder. Obama’s graduation speech was great. Listen at the 27 second mark of the video. Obama makes a joke – the question – is this a direct joke about not receiving an honorary degree or about ASU winning […]

Branding myself better


This past week I switched my Twitter handle from @ArizonaBrian to @BrianCamen. When I first signed up for Twitter in May 2008 I wasn’t worried about branding myself. I was just experimenting. Now 900+ followers later, I decided to make the change.
Articles on picking a Twitter handle suggest using a variation of your real name. Hopefully my followers […]

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What not to do if you’re a PR student

I Google myself, don’t you?
Last week I came across a search result that was disturbing. The search came back with a result that said a web page was an interview with me, Brian Camen. Once I clicked on the web page, it wasn’t me. It was an interview with someone by the name of Logan […]