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Win FREE PR or a PAID PR internship

Attention companies and students:
Award winning agency MWW Group is giving away 3 months of PR services worth $30,000 to an organization and a three-month, $5,000 internship at any of their offices to an individual.
Did a light bulb just go on in your head?
Good. It should have. Here is what you have to do:
Provide a 100 […]

Public Relations Book Club

If you enjoy reading or studying about Public Relations then you should join the new Public Relations book club “Live It, Learn It, Love It,” started by ambitious college student Rachel Esterline. How does it work? According to the club’s Web site, one member will post to the club’s Web site about the book. Other members will […]

Your Tweets as a sidebar in a newspaper…

Would this be the complete opposite of traditional journalism…?
Your tweets on the sidebar of a story in a newspaper – unedited.
Personally I haven’t seen it happen yet, but it’s inevitably going to happen sooner then we think. There are already a ton of journalists tweeting and there are even stories about what people are tweeting about. […]

Once again: The Power of Twitter

Twitter wins again. As you know US Airways flight 1549 from LGA to CLT made an emergency landing in the Hudson River this afternoon. Within minutes of the landing the Twitterverse knew. Twitter users found out before, and Wall Street Journal e-mail alerts told me.
Kudos to Twitter.

Even more kudos goes to Janis Krums  who […]

Does bad PR off the field transfer to bad play on the field?

It feels like every week a different athlete is in the news receiving a DUI. This week the public found out about the alleged DUI’s of Phoenix Suns Jason Richardson, San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson and former NBA pro Antoine Walker. The public also found out more details of former commentator Charles Barkely’s DUI.
Is it just me […]

I’ll have some PR chatter – make that a cup of media relations

There has been a lot of chatter lately on Twitter about PR advice and the future of PR. Twitter is great because it allows PR pro’s to learn about the latest industry trends and connect with others. People keep learning and sharing, but PR pros’s continuously are in the social limelight for negative tactics they use. […]