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A PR name you should know – Mark Regev

The conflict in the Gaza strip will not be ending anytime soon. With that being said, Mark Regev, the spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister will be cited in many articles over the next few months. Regev is a career public affairs spokesperson for Israel, previously stationed in Israel’s Beijing and Washington D.C. embassy’s. The Israeli […]

Journchat – an ongoing conversation

Last night I discovered another great opportunity for PR Practitioner’s, Journchat. Journchat, started by Sarah Evans  is a weekly conversation via Twitter between journalists, bloggers and PR folks. The chat takes place on Monday nights from 7-10 p.m. CST. Here’s a sample of some of the questions discussed on Dec. 22:

What are the list of questions […]

Calling all PR pros and students: Mentorship Connection

Whether you’re a student or practitioner in the public relations/communications industry, you should sign up for Mentorship Connection. Mentorship Connection gives you the opportunity to find a mentor or be a mentor. You fill out a form with basic questions and they will match you up with someone by your answers. Mentorship participants should be willing […]

Destination DC key communicator for inauguration

Destination DC, formerly known as the Washington DC Convention & Tourism Corporation is trying to position itself as a central source of inauguration-related information for the media, travel professionals, and the public. After reading an article in PR Week, I learned that their entire PR efforts in the United States will be in-house. They’re going all natural […]

Update: Does a master’s degree in PR or Comm help?

In early November I wrote a post “Does a master’s degree in PR or Comm help?” The dilemma was whether or not this public relations practitioner and blogger should pursue a master’s degree in PR or communication. I applied for a MS in Interactive Communication from Quinnipiac University and was accepted! 
I turned down the opportunity. BUT – After […]

The week print journalism continued to die…

In the PR and journalism world, this past week will forever be known as the week that Gannett announced around 2,000 layoffs. Employees of the company were just getting over owners cutting 1,000 jobs a few months earlier when this blow came.  Ten percent of staff at Gannett’s 85 local U.S. publications lost jobs. 
Where will all these […]