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Is a vacation really a vacation when you’re a PR Pro?

Whether you stayed at home or traveled for Thanksgiving, chances are you had two days off to celebrate the holiday with loved ones. If you’re like me, you also checked your e-mail about 3.5 times per day while off. 
In 2005, AOL released a study saying people check their e-mail five times per day. Obviously this […]

A PR Pro’s Social Media Blunder: Rejecting before accepting

Depending on your organization you could be receiving twenty media calls per day, week, or month. Some of your relationships with journalists are better than others. Some journalists keep coming back to you because you’re a great resource for them. Others are assigned a story about a topic your organization specializes in and you only […]

Welcome to The PR Practitioner

Welcome to The PR Practitioner. Be sure to check out the about me page to find out more about who I am. After completing my first 18 months in the work force, I realized I have a lot of opinions on the everyday practice of PR. Now I’ve taken my blogging to the next level by getting […]

Social Rudeness: It’s happening

I recently read Julie Walraven’s blog post, “Are People Getting Ruder? Is it a sign of the times?” and a light bulb turned on in my head. I’ve been witnessing more and more rudeness as social media continues to take over the world.
I’m choosing my words carefully here, I haven’t experienced rudeness towards myself, but I’ve […]

Does a master’s degree in PR or Comm help?

After graduating undergrad two years ago, I didn’t think I would ever consider going for a master’s degree…but here I am, an acceptance letter away from possibly continuing my education. You see I applied for a MS in Interactive Communication from Quinnipiac University. It’s a program that allows me to enhance and apply my expertise to […]