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Penelope Trunk rattles baby boomer PR pros

Penelope Trunk talked to about 3,000 PR pros at the PRSA International Conference. Being a member of the Brazen Careerist, I know about Trunk’s views and I really like them. She believes that once you’ve learned all you can at your job, you should move on. In her book, she gives 45 tips on thinking […]

PR pros take over Detroit: The PRSA International Conference

It was a cold few days outside on the streets of Detroit, but the inside of the GM Renaissance Center was hot hot hot with talk of connecting from bottom up, social media, and other public relations trends. The conference opened up with Detroit’s newest Mayor, Kenneth Cockrel Jr. needing a little PR help of his […]

Kudos given when it’s due

Everyday in PR you have the ability to learn and study other people’s best and worst practices. Why?  b/c our results are usually in the media. On October 22, I noticed two PR tactics that stood out to me.
First, did anyone happen to catch the JetBlue’s blogging crew at the new T5 in JFK? I […]

Why do you practice PR?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and have decided to put my thoughts on the net after recent one sided conversations with fellow practitioners and reading good blog posts such as David Mullen’s post “Are you contagious”  and Valley PR Blog’s post “Going into PR? Give it serious thought…puh-leeze.”
Why do I practice PR? No – […]

Palin’s PR uprising

Kudos to Marcia Brier who made national headlines in the Washington Post this past week as being the person responsible for Sarah Palin’s rise in the spotlight as a Governor. Brier, who is based in Massachusetts was hired under a $31,000 contract by Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources to promote Palin’s work with the oil […]

Social media makes us friendly online

I recently read a blog by Diane Schwartz and Courtney Barnes of PR News that asked the question if social media sites made people less friendly in person and more friendly online?
I think social media has no effect on how people act in person, so I won’t even go there. BUT I 100% think with the recent […]