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News and Notes

Just to fill everyone in, sooner or later my blog posts will be appearing on the Brazen Careerist . The Web site is “an online career center aimed at Generation Y — young professionals who want to design and define their careers using the new rules for success.”
From their about section, “A Brazen Careerist knows that defining your own […]

The power of Twitter

For a while now people were continuously asking who I thought would be Obama’s VP. I honestly didn’t have an educated guess. But when people ask me who I think McCain’s VP is, I say either Bobby Jindal or Joe Lieberman. Ya know, just to maximize the diversity in an already diverse election.
So here’s where […]

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Media Tip Sheets

I’ve recently fallen in love – again.
With media tip sheets of course.
Media tip sheets are brilliant and under utilized.
If there is a major local, national or international event going on and you have multiple experts that can take different angles on the event, (i.e. the Olympics, elections) Why not let the media know that you’re there for […]

Looking professional in the workplace

Have you been sent home due to inappropriate dress?
That would be really funny and you would be the talk of the workplace probably for the rest of the week.
In the end, probably wouldn’t bode so well for your future at that workplace.
Does image affect personal success? I think it does. No I’m not superficial, (ok […]

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Pro bono PR work in NYC

So a few summers ago I had this amazing internship in the publicity department of Sony BMG, Columbia Records in NYC. The department had around 6 interns - 5 females and me. One of my fellow interns, Mary Elizabeth Lobb, decided to pursue a career as a musician. She describes her music as Latin folk. Her […]

Off topic pitching – on purpose?

Journalists complain about receiving a pitch that is completely off topic and not anywhere near their beat. Understandable when you have to read a few hundred e-mails a day from PR people. It happens, PR practitioners have access to thousands of contacts by subscribing to services such as Vocus or Cision. Some PR practitioners blast their […]