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Branding myself better


This past week I switched my Twitter handle from @ArizonaBrian to @BrianCamen. When I first signed up for Twitter in May 2008 I wasn’t worried about branding myself. I was just experimenting. Now 900+ followers later, I decided to make the change.
Articles on picking a Twitter handle suggest using a variation of your real name. Hopefully my followers […]

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When someone close to a PR pro gets laid off

There is no doubt that the economy is a hot topic right now. The unemployment rate in February was 8.1%, up from 4.8% a year ago. I don’t think people truly understand how bad it really is until the company they work for makes lay offs or  someone close to you gets laid off.
Recently a […]

Once again: The Power of Twitter

Twitter wins again. As you know US Airways flight 1549 from LGA to CLT made an emergency landing in the Hudson River this afternoon. Within minutes of the landing the Twitterverse knew. Twitter users found out before, and Wall Street Journal e-mail alerts told me.
Kudos to Twitter.

Even more kudos goes to Janis Krums  who […]

Does bad PR off the field transfer to bad play on the field?

It feels like every week a different athlete is in the news receiving a DUI. This week the public found out about the alleged DUI’s of Phoenix Suns Jason Richardson, San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson and former NBA pro Antoine Walker. The public also found out more details of former commentator Charles Barkely’s DUI.
Is it just me […]

Destination DC key communicator for inauguration

Destination DC, formerly known as the Washington DC Convention & Tourism Corporation is trying to position itself as a central source of inauguration-related information for the media, travel professionals, and the public. After reading an article in PR Week, I learned that their entire PR efforts in the United States will be in-house. They’re going all natural […]

Welcome to The PR Practitioner

Welcome to The PR Practitioner. Be sure to check out the about me page to find out more about who I am. After completing my first 18 months in the work force, I realized I have a lot of opinions on the everyday practice of PR. Now I’ve taken my blogging to the next level by getting […]

Does a master’s degree in PR or Comm help?

After graduating undergrad two years ago, I didn’t think I would ever consider going for a master’s degree…but here I am, an acceptance letter away from possibly continuing my education. You see I applied for a MS in Interactive Communication from Quinnipiac University. It’s a program that allows me to enhance and apply my expertise to […]

The best area code a PR pro can see on caller ID

It doesn’t take a seasoned PR practitioner to know when a journalist is calling. Perhaps your CEO did something he wasn’t supposed to or your company just made a big announcement. Regardless, you know who covers your beat. Hopefully you know your regular reporters, but you might not. Best case is your employer provides thought […]

Man’s best friend

Here’s a remarkable story that I read about in the Arizona Republic. Buddy, an 18 month old German Shepherd, saved his owners life by dialing 911. Buddy’s owner, who resides in Scottsdale, has seizures. He trained his dog to retrieve the phone and use his teeth to press a programmed button for 911 when seizure […]

JetBlue flight diverted, passengers questioned by FBI for 2 hours

This past Saturday, JetBlue flight 455 from Boston for Ft. Lauderdale was diverted to North Carolina. Passengers were questioned by the FBI for two hours. Why? It seems like there was a circus on board. One passenger was smoking in the bathroom (as you know – that is a big NO NO). But that’s not […]