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It has been a really long time

Hi there. I promise I haven’t given up on blogging all together. I have the intention to blog, but time keeps slipping away from me (I know, not an excuse). I even  have ideas for blog posts. I want to tell everyone about the differences between client and agency, the power of a network and […]

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Vegas hotel makes e-mail marketing mistake

We never want to make mistakes, but sometimes they’re inevitable. But what about when ten people proof copy and 100,000 people view the mistake? Does it make the mistake even worse?
Below is  an e-mail from Treasure Island in Las Vegas. The e-mail says I can come in and receive ZERO dollars in FREE SLOT PLAY […]

Your expert “in a down economy”

I’m sure you know by now the world’s economy is in the front of everyone’s minds and on A1 daily (if you still read the newspaper). The economy is everywhere in the news. PR pros are asking themselves, “How does my expert make a difference in a down economy?”
PR pros are finding ways to relate […]

Bruce Cooper returns to KPNX

A little over a month after his son went missing, KPNX’s Bruce Cooper returned to co-anchor “Sports Tonight.” In the shows opening minute Cooper thanked his family at KPNX and people all over the country who showed their support for his family. Once Cooper got into the show, his smile shined through the TV set […]

Guest Post: Stand up to your client

This guest post comes from Carol Sunnucks, a senior corporate communications director based in Glendale, Arizona. Prior to working in corporate communications,  Carol was a journalist for over twenty years.
I know this may seem rudimentary to most of us, but I was reminded of it today and thought I’d take a moment to bring it […]

Your Tweets as a sidebar in a newspaper…

Would this be the complete opposite of traditional journalism…?
Your tweets on the sidebar of a story in a newspaper – unedited.
Personally I haven’t seen it happen yet, but it’s inevitably going to happen sooner then we think. There are already a ton of journalists tweeting and there are even stories about what people are tweeting about. […]